New microphone DPA d:facto II

hello guys,

I’d like to spend some words on my new micorphone: DPA d:facto II.

First of all, let me thank all the sound engineers and technicians at Forward Studios in Rome, introducing me this wonderful mic, and let me give a special thank to Salvatore Zocco (Casale Bauer), providing me the mics very quickly.

This amazing mic is engineered especially for vocal performances onstage, The d:facto holds a supercardioid capsule that is designed to reproduce every nuance of the human voice transparently, consistently and thrillingly, and this is very important for me playing also the guitar and moving a lot on stage.

Thi mic has a wider acceptance angle at the front of the mic than most supercardioids. The acceptance angle is identical to a first-order cardioid at ±60 degrees off-center, resulting in the same work field as a cardioid — just with extremely high and uniform side- and rear damping.

To be honest with you, all my Dire Streits Legacy technicians (especially Maurizio Nicotera, our sound engineer), were a little bit “worry” with this new mic… because of… Steve Ferrone on a drums behind me and so… behind d:facto … but… it’s not all doom and gloom… :)))

Where sound pressure levels (and the best drummer in the World, named Steve Ferrone) are a challenge, the d:facto is up to the task with its 160 dB SPL threshold, three-step pop-protection grid and best-in-class low handling noise, offering an excellent sonic reproduction with all the details and balanced linear phase and frequency response.

Like traditional supercardioid mics, the d:facto enjoys high side- and rear rejection with a minimum of 9 dB attenuation to the sides. Yet it is not bound by the less desirable aspects of the supercardioid like the uncontrolled and nonlinear rear lobes, which can create feedback from stage wedges, because there is a sudden high frequency peak at the back side of the mic…. so … simply great!!!

so… thank you DPA… you did a great job and my DPA d:facto II will be with me for … a long time 🙂

for more info:

love, M


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